About Us

Our Mission

Common Cents is Crazy Good. Extraordinary. We are Not your typical credit union. We are Top notch. We are simply Sensible.

Our Vision

Most admired for passionately fulfilling financial dreams.

Tag Line

It just makes sense.

Our Core Values

We care and we do it Careiffically.
We captivate every person
that walks in our doors.
We make you feel Extraordinary.
We make sure you leave knowing
that you are Numero-uno in our world
because we give you
Top-notch attention.
You shout it out to the world that
we are simply Sensational.
In turn, you care – and you do it Careiffically.
We feel Extraordinary.
We feel like we are Numero-uno
and Top-notch in your world.
That is simply Sensational.

WE are CommonCents.

Our History

CommonCents Credit Union is member-owned and was originally chartered as Goodyear Federal Credit Union on August 20, 1963.  At this time, the credit union was located inside of an office at the Goodyear Beaumont Chemical Plant.  The credit union was located inside of an office at he Goodyear Beaumont Chemical Plant.  The credit union's first orgnizational meeting was held on October 2, 1963.  During this meeting, a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Committee were appointed and 57 Goodyear employees became members of the credit union.

In order to help establish better business hours, in 1964, Goodyear Chemical Plant donated a parcel of land for hte credit union to have an office away from the plant.  This parcel of land is the same location where our Main Office is located, today.

In 2004, the credit union became community chartered and Goodyear Beaumont Federal Credit Union became known as Texas Coastal Communtiy Federal Credit Union (TCCFCU).  The community charter helped the credit union grow tremendously in asset size and in membership.  Thus, providing the opportunity to offer more products and services to our growing membership.  By the end of 2004, TCCFCU had $19 million in assets and approximately 2,500 members.  In 2009, TCCFCU expanded to Chambers County and opened its second location in Winnie.  

In 2014, TCCFCU began offering share (checking) accoutns bearing higher interest rates, we are proud to still offer these accounts today while striving to offer relevant and quality products and services to our members.

To keep up with the times and help stay relevant in our ever-changing economy and environment, in 2016, Texas Coastal Community Federal Credit Union changed its name to what we are known as today, CommonCents Credit Union.  This also allowed us the opportunity to offer addiitonal products and services to our members and community.

In December 2018, we opened our third location.  This location is located on IH-10 in Beaumont, next to Olive Garden.  This location has allowed us to grow, as well as to increase our platform in the products and services that we offer.

Today, we are honored to be able to serve over 3,000 members and have assets over $32 million. We not only have three locations to serve our members, we have three methods members can access their accounts 24/7, from almost anywhere.  These methods include Online Banking, our Automated Response Teller and our Mobile Banking App. 

We are proud of where we've been, thankful for where we are and we are excited about serving and growing with you in the future as we continue to evolve in helping you meet and exceed your financial needs.  



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